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This October marked the grand opening of 'The Christmas Adventure' at Stockeld Park in Wetherby, Yorkshire. Back in early 2006 I was approached by the family who own the Park to help them develop a Christmas themed attraction for their Estate.

'The Christmas Adventure' is like a theatre set, theme park and christmas boutique all rolled into one. Set in the beautiful grounds of their home it features bespoke lighting, a skating rink, over 30,000 Christmas trees and 28 specially commissioned pieces of my work arranged in a series of dramatic tableau.

(the life-sized Lion)

The people at Stockeld Park painted each piece with Ultra Violet paint so they gave off a fairytale glow when illuminated at night.

The 24 animals included a Lion, Dragon, Giant Mice, a pack of nine Wolves, a pair of Unicorns, eight Sheep and Lambs and five Deer, all of which were life-sized; the Dragon standing at over 2 meters tall.

(a giant mouse, one of 'Cinderella's footmen')

(the pair of Unicorns)

(the huge Dragon)

(the pack of Wolves)

(the Wolves after dark)

(the Deer lit up)

(my flock of Sheep)

(the giant Mice - the standing one is 1 metre tall)

(the Lion, in profile)

(the pack of nine Wolves lit up)

(my group of small Deer)

(the Wolf with Little Red Riding Hood)

The project has had tens of thousands of visitors and we've had some great press - in gardening magazines and lot of the national newspapers. Here are some online articles in The Times and the Yorkshire Post.

You can find out more about Stockeld Park at their website

If you would like to commission any animal designs of your own, get a quote or just make an inquiry, please call me on 07951 039 663 or email

Photos 7,11 Copyright Stockeld Park
Photos 5,6,8 Copyright Barry Sykes
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Angie Hicks

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